Here at Mount Zion, the role of the traditional Sunday school has shifted focus. On Sunday mornings between 9:30 to 10:30 our young people get together with adult mentors, taking an apologetics focus: We explore how practical and relevant the Scriptures are, and how they help us live as followers of Christ in our daily life. Jesus has already dealt with any issue we face and we are discovering how he wants to equip us to answer the burning issues of this generation, like identity, suicide, violence, social justice; the reliability of the Bible, etc.

Youth/College & Careers at MZHP

Mount Zion is a family. Our young people’s ministry reflects this since we meet together from age 12 right on through our 30s. We mentor and learn from one another, exploring topics like Christians and social media, mental health challenges and the role of suffering in our lives. Not everything is serious, of course! We enjoy socializing over food and getting out to movies, concerts and active events like bowling and laser tag. Please join us! You will find we are authentic and open to questions and challenges.