Our mission: Growing stronger together in Jesus Christ

God created both male and female in His own image – Genesis 1:27, and by doing so; God established His covenant order for the relationship between a man and woman. For this reason, MZHP founded the Couples Ministry to cherish and celebrate the loving relationship that reflects the true nature of God and love of Jesus Christ.

We are committed to exploring the unity between a man and a woman in an intimate and passionate relationship with each other as it mirrors on a human level the relationship we enjoy with God.

We recognize the validity and importance of encouraging and mentoring the bonds of unity, whether in the formative stage of girlfriend and boyfriend, those individuals engaged to be married or established married couples of all ages.
The MZHP Couples Ministry focuses on the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the relationship between a man and a woman while recognizing the Word of God as the ultimate road map for every couple to find spiritual happiness and fulfillment.

Visit MZHP calendar for our next Couples’ Fellowship meeting for a wonderful time of fellowship.